Oak Meadow High School Newsletter, Fall 2018

Super tools for homework success
Tending to your teen
Love your study space
Bonus post: Hot chocolate recipes

girl using laptop and flowersSuper tools for homework success

Your high school coursework provides plenty of opportunities to do online research, and you are encouraged to find videos, images, and articles about any of the topics you find interesting. When you do online research, avoid drawing conclusions before you’ve checked the information for reliability. Here are some tips: Evaluating Online Sources (PDF)

Note-taking is all about how your own unique brain processes information. Here are some techniques recommended by Oak Meadow’s high school teachers, along with a reminder that there is no single best method for how to study, but there can be a study skill that turns out to be the best method for you: How to Take Good Notes (PDF)

Tending to your teen: Thoughts from an Oak Meadow educational counselor (and mom to two teens)

As the holiday season, cooler weather, and mid-term blahs approach, it’s a good time to check in with your teen.

giant-bubble-funFirst, help your teen meet the important physical needs: sufficient sleep, healthy nourishment, regular exercise.

  • Getting plenty of sleep is critical for teenagers, whose naturally changing circadian rhythm wreaks havoc with normal habits during a time when life is stressful enough. One of the joys of homeschooling is the freedom to sleep in, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your teen’s bedtime routines.
  • It’s growth spurt time! Your teen’s developing body requires more calories and a careful balance of nutrients. Check out these great tip sheets on teen nutrition here and here.
  • Your teen may need to be reminded that exercise isn’t just good for the body; it’s also important for their mental health and brain power! Here’s a teen-focused article about the value of exercise.

Next, keep an eye out for symptoms of stress, and use these tried-and-true techniques to help mitigate it: Listen as much as you lecture. Pick your battles and try not to sweat the small stuff. Don’t take the eye roll, the push back, or the snippy remark personally.

Finally, there’s nothing like scheduling a family outing or field trip to a special new place to bring back the wonder of childhood and the warmth of the family embrace. Think unusual, eye-popping, larger-than-life, fantastical, playful such as: an art, science, or living history museum; a zoo, aquarium, or botanical garden; a factory, hall of fame, or state capital tour; a live play or symphony; a national park or other natural wonder; or even an amusement theme park.

Love your study space: check out these decorating hacksgiant wall mounted scrabble board

If your teen’s study space is feeling a little meh, check out our new Pinterest board filled with teen-focused DIY projects and study room inspiration. We’re particularly fond of the giant Scrabble tiles, an easy project with endless possibilities. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you and your daughter or son could try making your own version of the giant wall-mounted Scrabble game that is currently selling for $12,000! Get some ideas and inspiration here.

Hot chocolate recipes for all!

Click on the image for hot chocolate recipes, one traditional, one dairy-free. Enjoy!

illustration of cup of hot cocoa