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Addressing Concerns About Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a big step for many of us. It requires the conviction that we know better than anyone else when it comes to our children’s needs (or our own). We may have already had courageous exchanges with teachers, school officials, and other experts whose job requires them to look out for the well-being of

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Adjusting to Homeschooling Mid-Year

Making the decision to switch gears and begin homeschooling—or to switch curriculum—partway through the school year takes courage and faith. Whatever you were doing before wasn’t working, and whatever you are beginning hasn’t had time to feel routine yet. Here are ten suggestions to ease the way. 1. Different philosophy; different approach. Students who have

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10 Ways to Include Heart in Your Homeschooling

1. Maintain your focus when giving your attention to your child. In today’s world, most of us find our attention divided, scattered in all directions. Giving your full attention to your child is one of the best ways you can support their learning. 2. Use humor as much as possible. Be silly, tell jokes, let

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Enrolled or Independent?

Enrolled or independent? Many families who are interested in using Oak Meadow curriculum wonder whether their family’s needs would best be met through using our materials independently or enrolling in our distance learning program. This is one of the most common questions parents ask us as they seek to find the right homeschooling fit. We are happy

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Finding the Right Fit: Part II

In our first blog post on finding the right fit, we looked at homeschooling styles to fit every type of family and learner. Now we’ll look at the many ways Oak Meadow can be part of your homeschooling journey, no matter where it takes you. How does Oak Meadow curriculum fit into my family’s style

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Finding the Right Fit: Part I

Homeschooling is all about finding the right fit: finding what works for each child, for the homeschooling parent, and for the family’s lifestyle and values. Luckily, homeschooling has gained mainstream popularity in the last decade and the resources for homeschoolers have exploded into a veritable feast of choices. There are curriculum choices for every learning

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