Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Oak Meadow has been here for you since 1975, and we want to offer as much help as we can to families during this time of need.

Parents naturally have questions as they explore educational options, but with so much uncertainty surrounding us all these days, we know that, now more than ever, parents need high-quality information and resources to help them navigate the coming months. Additionally, even with teachers sending work electronically, many parents are needing more assistance finding engaging, educational activities to do with their curious learners.

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To help, we’ve compiled this list of resources and curriculum activities in an effort to support parents and students affected by the coronavirus. Keep checking back, too, because we’ll be adding new free lessons and daily activities from our curriculum as well as new resources every day.

K-4 Curriculum Activity Packets – FREE DOWNLOAD

Oak Meadow Curriculum Activity Packets #5 - Free Download
Click on the image above to download Activity Packet #5

Having kids at home all the time is a big transition, for new and veteran homeschoolers alike. To help them stay entertained and educationally engaged, we’ve compiled Curriculum Activity Packets, available for free download. These packets include selections from Oak Meadow curriculum activities ranging from recipes to poems and songs to science projects and more!

Curriculum Activity Packet #1 >

Curriculum Activity Packet #2 >

Curriculum Activity Packet #3 >

Curriculum Activity Packet #4 >

Curriculum Activity Packet #5 >

We’re also offering “Lesson 4: Illness Prevention” from our K-3 health curriculum for free download here >

More Curriculum Crafts & Activities:

  • Oak Meadow’s Pinterest: Our Pinterest page is full of seasonal activities, recipes, and fun that children of all ages can enjoy.
  • Living Education: our free online journal includes great articles on homeschooling and parenting as well as curriculum activities and crafts.
  • Oak Meadow Curriculum Samples: our curriculum samples each contain several weeks worth of lessons and can serve as an educational supplement for families awaiting long term plans from their schools.
  • Citrus Bird Feeder: spring activity great for all ages! Aid in the seasonal observation of bird and attract them to your home with this simple citrus bird feeder.
  • Dinosaur-Themed Craft Activities: Is there anything more fun than dinosaur crafts? Channel your inner archaeologist, and get ready to explore the wide world of dinosaur craft activities.
  • Paper Marbling Craft: Paper marbling, an activity in our 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations course, is a beautiful craft activity that unleashes your child’s creativity.
  • Oak Meadow Circle Time Songs – on Spotify

Other Educational Activities We Love:

Getting Started With Homeschooling:

Resources for Talking to Your Children About COVID-19 and Coping with Stress:

Other Resource Guides: